Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Now send ofline message on iPhone

​hii friends WhatsApp is unquestionably one of the best services for users to exchange messages. According to data from the company itself, there are more than one billion active users monthly, more than 42 billion messages are sent each day, 1.6 billion photos are shared per day and many other statistics showing the size of this service.
Recently a new version for iPhone has been released that even allows the “sending” of messages without connection to the Internet.
Nowadays the offers at the level of communication platforms are quite vast. The exponential growth of the mobile device market has created other needs that large companies have taken advantage of.

The latest WhatsApp news came to iOS where it was possible to “send” messages even when there is no internet connection, as the “Send” button in iOS will now remain active and messages will be sent as soon as the connection is Reestablished.
Even now you can manage the storage of your device through the new “Storage Usage” option, which allows you to delete only certain types of messages, such as videos, from just a few conversations (SettingsData and storage – Storage usage). As well as now you can also upload up to 30 photos and vedios.

  As we told you earlier that undoubtedly WhatsApp is one of the most used communication services in smartphones but also offers native apps for OSX and Windows as well, so, simply try it now.


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