Saturday , 16 December 2017

make money youtube india full tutorial

Now days you can also make money youtube .now youtube pay to their pay because it shows the adversitements on videos .

Make money youtube in india

Now a days this feature is not availble for india .but it is availble for USA. but you can even make money through youtube in it is easy just see full tutorial .and do steps one by one .

Make the USA bassed gmail account

Now you need the new gmail account .it is very easy to create you need your phone number to verify .But one you have to do just change the location to USA -united states but give your own indian number or else where from you are .see screen shot bellow to see how to change location .go to gmail sign up page there is to select you country /region

make money youtube

It is just one step top at the sighn up button change it by selecting you have a YSA bassed gmail account.

Make chanel on

Now you need to make the youtube chanel .it is very easy just login to the youtube with your USA gmail account and click on create new chanel and give it any name and submit it will create  your  youtube chanel.

Upload videos

Now you need to upload the videos .you can upload any type of video but must be it created by you else it will say coppy righted content and you can not earn through coppy right vudeo.if you can not create your own videos than edut the downloaded videos in such a way that youtube does not able to know it is the any other youtube channel video.

Enable motezation

It means link with your adsense account  and allow youtube to display adds on your videos .it is very easy go to videos dashboard. or click on your chanel icon and click on crearor studio to go there .and then click on channel at left slide bar then at the montezation box click on it. and connect to your already created adsense account or make new adsense account with your indian bassed real information then it will proccedd your request and allow to publish the ads on your videos and you will be able to earn through the youtube .

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