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how do people make money blogging

Online world is full of people, robots.You are also little part of it.If you wants to get some extra income through this.Then there are many ways to do so.But here I will discuss about Make Money Blogging.There are many reasons to talk about it.The main reason is:  it is very easy and less time consuming method.And you can even do that with little investment .Or zero investment.This is good for you .If you have some thing to share wuth people on this online world. Even you can share your opinions and thinkings too.


Make Money Blogging

First of all you have to understand .What is blogging? So its very simple.“bloging is to share your content and views and opinions through blog or any personal site ” .Here you need few things.The biggest thing. You need is! : You must have good and coppy righted content for sharing with people.You can write at any topic.So first of all you have to set up a website.

Relted  article :

Top 5 Best Ways To Make Money Online


Chose blogger or wordpress?


Wordpress - Make Money Blogging

Blogger - Make Money BloggingI here suggest you to chose wordpress  for making blog.It is world’s most famous CMS .Provide bunch of features.Thousands of free plugins help you to make some more and more.It also offers hundreds of free themes for blogs.There is also SEO plugins.To visible your site at google and other search engines.It means .It is Search engine optimizations good i.e Seo friendly you can also chose boogger due to .Its free of cost.And its own good seo .


How I can make Blog?

You can make website ,blog very easily.For this you have to do little investement .To buy web hosting  and domain. I suggest you buy it from Godaddy.com .Because it offers just 1$ monthly for brillianrt web hosting and.com domain up to one year .It provide you good servers .To run your website blog smoothly.You can chose another hosting service and buy domiain.What ever you need .As I have already discussed to gett all free.You can get them.Read to get free domain and Read here to get free hosting .Free hosting server is not good .Also in free your domain extension is  com and net , etc.

How to earn through blog – Make Money Blogging full tutorial

Make Money Blogging full tutorial

So after making your blog.It is time to make money through it.But for gettings money through it.You must be 18+ aged .And at you website Content written must by you.Or you have its coppy rights.And ofcourse your blog must be with good trafic.i.e must be 500+ regular visitors for Make Money Blogging online.So here are many methos to earn money.

  1. Monetization with adsense i.e google adsense
  2. Affiliate maketing (sell goods and get profet)
  3. Selling your own goods

And many more .Here I will only discuss about .How to get money through adsense .There are many adds sites.With therir own rules.But among them. Google adsense  is the best.Due to its 2 millions adversiters .and its high cpc.But Its rules are leanthy. and tough .But I am shareing my own experiment .How I have approved multiple non hosted google adsense accounts very soon.(pls subscribe us to get it in your email qucikly.) You just have to follow their few steps.And display ads on your website and earn money through it.You will be get paid with bank check .When you wiol earn 100$ or more through it.You can also try other adsense sites.Top trusted are mentioned bellow.

  1. Mediaads.(yahoo and bing ads)
  2. Infolinks. (50$ threeshold)
  3. Uc union .(for download portal .only i.e pay per download )

And many others.


It is not hard.To earn money online.With blogging.But you need quick and good brain.To write good and more.Only write and do its .Search eangine optimization.To earn more.

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