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Nowadays most of the smartphones run on Android but it can not be called Perfect Operating System. Smartphones are of any brand, there are some issues that are seen in all. If you already have some apps installed on your smartphone then you will not face such problems. Know which 6 apps should be placed in the phone

app: Connect to PC Phone

Very often the smartphone has difficulty connecting to the PC. If it is connected, it does not look as an external drive in the computer. With the help of the Airdroid app, you can connect your phone via Wi-Fi and manage the app. Notifications of calls and messaging can also be managed. You can also mirror your smartphone to the computer.

Master app: make smartphones fast

Many apps run on the background and spoil the performance in smartphones. Many brands show a cleaner app in their smartphones, which removes the slower app If your phone does not have such a default app then you can use Clean Master. Whenever the phone slows, it must be run. You can also try Swift Locker. Whenever you unlock the phone, it will boost it.

Doctor app: Battery saving

The problem of phone’s battery abruptity also worries too much. It may be because of background apps, poor connectivity or brightness level. More smartphones come with battery optimization modes, but people avoid changes in the functionality of the phone. So you can install the DU Battery Saver App or the Battery Doctor app. This allows you to do smart charging and intelligent battery optimization.

app: insert app into memory card

If you want the smartphone to be just like a butter, then keep part of the internal memory empty. Move data from internal storage to MicroSD card. You can also move the app to MicroSD card. You can use the App2SD app for this. If you have a smartphone whose storage can not be increased, with this help you can freeze or uninstall the useless apps. You can also delete photos and videos from the device by putting them on the cloud.

app: Instant loading gallery

Most users take a lot of pictures and record videos too. They also do not delete duplicate and non-essential photos and videos. The result is that the image gallery slows down and takes time to show the thumbnail or to show full pictures. You can try QuickPicgallery app. It’s quite fast. It can also be integrated with cloud services and photos can also be sent to nearby devices via Wi-Fi.
In the same way, you can also try the app called Gallery Doctor, which helps to remove unwanted and duplicate photos and videos.

app: free up memory

After using for a few weeks, you will see that despite not saving large files, the storage of smartphones is very full. This is because many types of files are saved automatically. Some of these are essential system files, so nothing is of any use. Memory can be emptied by removing these files. You can install Free App DiskUsage for this. It scans the device and shows the folder shows the strokes. You can see folders by swiping and zooming here and you can delete files with the help of third-party file managers.

[NOTE] All app are avelable in playstore so search and download. thank you for reading this post.

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