Tuesday , 12 December 2017


Hii guys how are you Photos and videos all in keeping mobile. People are not all alike.Friends, today I am going to share a post from which you can hide in your mobile videos or photos. And can not see any photos and videos.We have certain personal images and videos in our phones that we don’t want others to view. And can not see any photos and videos.In order to hide them we install certain apps such as Gallery locker, Photo hider, App locker etc..,.

But by doing this we boost peoples anxiety to know what we have hidden.
So there is a simple trick  to hide any content in our phone without any third party app, follow these steps.

1. Open the File Manager and create a folder by any name
2. Move all the content the you want to hide into that folder.
3. Now, just rename the folder and prefix a dot before the name
E.g:- If your folder name was “abc” change it to “.abc” (without inverted commas)Hide your photos and videos is now no one can see it.

4. Thats it, the folder is hidden and the content will not be visible in any Gallery or Video Players

In order to retrive the folder, click on the Options key on the capacitive touch and then select
“Show Hidden Folders” option.

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Enjoy !!!!

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