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how to block text messages on android? without any app

how to block text messages on android? without any app

Often, some people keep sending or sending call messages to your smartphone. In this case, arguably, you will be able to block text messages them by using  third party apps to avoid uncomfortable problems, but if you give a little attention to the smartness of your smartphone then you will find that the solution for this problem exists within your phone. how? Let’s say:

how to block text messages on android? without any app

Actually there is a choice to restart messages, calls and notifications in your Android phone. All you have to do is set it up at your convenience.
1. For this first go to the phone’s settings.
2. Here you will get the option of sound and notification, select it.
3. In this you will see the option of interrupt, select it.
4. Now you will have many options available in front of you, the first option will be “When call and notification arrival” that means you can set up who can call or message you.
5.By default It always keeps interrupt, but you can set the only priority or Do not interrupt.
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6.Don’t interrupt you can set that messages, calls, or notifications do not get a seat, but in the priority interrupt, you can not set up for how long you have not been told that you are 8 hours to 15 minutes You can set the time, as soon as the time limit will end, the interruption will be on its own.
7. On this downward call and message option will be available. Through it, you can set how many intervals between the interval and what time you should not have the message, the call or the notification.


Guys it is the simple method to block text messages on android phone. It is the internal setting of any phone to stop the notifications sound . So do it without any worries.

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